Monday, October 25, 2010

Amazon vs Barnes and Noble


Which do you prefer most??? Amazon or Barnes & Noble??
Leave your preference in the comment box. Thanks!

 Look for Pt. 2 coming soon.....

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E-books in Public Libraries...where will they end up next?


Well, I guess it was a matter of time.  What's that you ask?  Oh, E-books have infiltrated Public Libraries.  Now, before we jump right into the implications of what was just read, lets take a closer look at them.  E-books are digital version of printed books which in turn, are accessible only by computers or digital devices such as E-readers. So, as you would expect, this advancement in technology took the world by storm.  *Yawn*  Forgive me for not being impressed.  It is just that I am a "printed book" connoisseur and advocate and I feel that E-books are a cheap thrill (and they hurt my eyes).  Yes, I am aware of the benefits of E-books.  However, I appreciate binded, printed books more.  I digress....

While I understand how important it is to our microwave society to have access to information as quick as possible, I believe this may pose a huge problem for authors and publishers.  Think about it.  Being able to download E-books from your local Public Library with the only requirement being, "Can I have your library card please?"  How would the E-book be returned?  What about copyrighting issues?  Who would ever buy another book again, if it were available to you for free in the digital version at your local library? 

According to OverDrive, a large company who massively produces E-books (and is making a killing), its system would only allow members to download E-books onto their home devices remotely by employing a passcode supplied by the library.  They also have a  "one-book, one-user" model on lent books, meaning only one borrower could access the title at any one time.  Really??  That's it? I'm sure you can see the problem with that...I do.  However, some libraries have decided to take further precautions by requiring library cardholders to physically visit the library to download their E-book instead of granting them remote access.  Ummm, yea that solves the problem.  I really hope that they have thought about the potential threat this may cause to authors and those who invest in them.  The problem being the possibility of adverse affects of E-book lending placed on revenue generated for authors.  With the competition and economy in its current condition, I can see this being a new issue for them to be concerned about. 


And, I didn't even begin to discuss the fact that E-books in libraries may act as a deterrent to check out those wonderful, creative, masterpieces called BOOKS!!  Just my thoughts.  What are yours? Please leave comments below. Thanks!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Come Get Your Eat On!!

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Yes, we are a book club. But, we LOVE to eat!! To all my food lovers and conessiours, if you live or will be in Atlanta this weekend (October 23 & 24), come out to the Taste of Atlanta for a flavor-filled weekend of great food and wine.  This event displays the diversity of Atlanta's food scene, attracting a wide range of people from far and wide.  The event will be held in Tech Square (Midtown Atlanta) and will run from 11am to 6pm on both days. 

Yes, you have to purchase tickets to the event to eat, BUT kids under 13 eat free!!  For tickets and more information please visit

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Straight Talk, No Chaser"


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Steve Harvey is back at it again!! Giving relationship advice, tips, and secrets to the "How TOs" to men.  In his recent release, "Straight Talk, No Chaser", Harvey provides information on how to get the truth out your man and avoid those deceptive answers!  Check out his website to get your signed copy today!


While I am sure Mr. Harvey's book will reveal quite a few tidbits of important information that we could all benefit from, I am so over-tired (phrase I made up) of this topic that seems and probably won't ever go away.  How long will we continue to enter into relationships that are maybe healthy initially (often not the case), and then turn them upside down with deceit, lies, and unfaithfulness? Will we ever become self-less and think of the other person in the relationship before we think of ourselves and our selfish desires??

My short, positive answer is keep hope alive! And until then, continue to support all those authors who continue to make a living off of all the drama, lies, cheating, and other destructive habits and characteristics that are seen in our relationships!  Straight Talk, No Chaser.... right??  Please leave your thoughts below. Thanks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Artist, Artist, Artist....This is your month!!

We love to pass along information to our extended creative family and discovered that there are quite a few events going on for artist around the city and we wanted you to know about them! So, take a quick look at some of the great opportunities that are being held.

Whitehead Fine Art-Ocular Orgasm
**Co-sponsored by Pure Romance by Nirvana**
- Spoken Word Artist "Kitty Pride"
- Acoustic Vocalists: Crea and Phillip Michael
- Wine Tasting by Urban Vines
- Body Massages and more
$10 admission automatically enters in the Whitehead Fine Art lottery. Prizes are, but not limited to:
* Custom Whitehead Fine Art Original
* Pure Romance by Nirvana gift basket

Funding for Arts Month at the Foundation Center
Throughout October the Foundation Center, located in Atlanta, GA, will be offering special events, classes, and resources to help artists and nonprofit arts organizations become better grantseekers and increase their funding.   Please take time to visit Focus on Funding for the Arts for a range of helpful tools and resources, including descriptions of upcoming programs and check out their October calendar for the full roster of events.

Foundation Center
50 Hurt Plaza, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30303-2914
 Info retrieved from Foundation Center website:

Fulton County Department of Arts and Culture
October 16th
To all artist, art organizations, schools, social agencies, instructors, programmers, community organizations, and others in the South Fulton (Atlanta Metro) area, you are encouraged to join the Fulton County Department of Arts and Culture to learn about valuable services that my be of interest to you!!

  • Funding
  • Arts employment
  • Artist Registry
  • Rehearsal/Performance/Exhibition Space.
 When: Saturday, October 16, 2010
Time: 1pm-3pm
Location: South Fulton Arts Center
               4645 Butner Rd
               College Park, GA 30328
For more info and to RSVP call: 404-612-5780

2010 Brookhaven Arts Festival
October 16th and 17th
Held in the Brookhaven community on Apple Valley Road, directly behind the Brookhaven MARTA Station. Convenient access to Peachtree Road, I-85, GA-400, and MARTA plus ample free parking!! 
For more information:

Community Health Fair and Book Sale!!

The Friends of the Doraville Library (FODL) will be having a book sale on this Saturday, October 16th from 10am to 2pm.  The Dekalb Health Department will also be offering free health screening services to the public.  Food and children activities will be available so bring the entire family and take advantage of the free health services and stock up on some great bargain books (hard and paperback) and videos!

The Library is located: 3748 Central Ave.
Doraville, GA
For information call, 770-936-3852 or 770-263-0262

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"For Colored Girls" *REPOST*


TODAY, Tyler Perry's version of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf, will appear on the big screen.  Originally acquired from Ntozake Shange’s 1976 choreopoem/play, the buzz of the remake is creating discussions among critics who argue if the play was designed for the big screen.

The film is about the story of eight women whose lives we follow in New York City.  Their lives tell the story of love, hurt, betrayal, and the discovery of love for themselves.  History is made as Tyler Perry casts the largest all African American crew which includes: Phylicia Rashad, Thandie Newton, Kerry Washington, Macy Gray, Kimberly Elise, Tessa Thompson, Whoopi Goldberg, Loretta Devine, Anika Noni Rose and Janet Jackson. 

What a line up!! I think Mr. Perry has a hit Oscar on his hands!  According to Tyler Perry himself, this movie is not only for women of color, but for all to enjoy.  And I'm sure many of us can relate to the subject line of the movie as well (which are common themes in Tyler Perry's movies).

For many of us who must grab the book (choreopoem) which the film is based upon, has it available and check with your local bookstores for availability.  We are excited about this movie and we will be there TONIGHT showing our support!!
Check out the trailer below...

Video Credit: YouTube: LionsGate

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't be seduced by the e-book just yet...

With the launch of the Kindle, the Nook, the Ipad, and various other e-readers, everyone was curious to try out these latest technology advances and how they would affect their reading enjoyment.  Previously we did a post, "Are books a thing of the past?", which you weighed in on which you would prefer: e-readers or traditional books.  For those of you who have found a new love with the e-reader, congrats, but we would like to inform you that according to New York Times, you may be spending more money for your electronic pages than for the traditional ones. Just thought you should know! Look here-->     


Hey Artist!!

Art Opportunities!
To all artist, art organizations, schools, social agencies, instructors, programmers, community organizations, and others in the South Fulton (Atlanta Metro) area, you are encouraged to join the Fulton County Department of Arts and Culture to learn about valuable services that my be of interest to you!!

  • Funding
  • Arts employment
  • Artist Registry
  • Rehearsal/Performance/Exhibition Space.
When: Saturday, October 16, 2010
Time: 1pm-3pm
Location: South Fulton Arts Center
               4645 Butner Rd
               College Park, GA 30328
For more info and to RSVP call: 404-612-5780

Monday, October 11, 2010

Throwing Books + Obama = Book Deal?? *UPDATE*


While doing my day-to-day researching I came across this YouTube video that made me think...why on earth would someone throw a book at President Obama??  While rallying yesterday in Philadelphia, PA, someone from the crowd threw a book at our President.  Not sure of the name of the book just yet or the assailant, but I can do nothing but marvel at the irony between throwing a "book" at the very person (administration) who has vowed to transform our education system.  However, on a more serious note, this is very dangerous for our President.  Although President Obama does not notice, at no time should something like this be allowed to occur and maybe they should look into increasing his security.
See the video below....
Your thoughts??
According to the Huffington Post, the person who threw the mystery book at President Obama has been identified as 24 yr old Juan Rodriguez.  According to a Secret Service Spokesman, the young man was hoping that the President would read the book that he had written himself.
Ummmm Juan, next time you may want to try a less dangerous approach than launching something at the President....although you have received quite a bit of press because of this incident. Hmmm, is this a new book marketing method?? We hope not!!


video credit: YouTube user newswatcher89

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sweet Auburn Heritage Festival

Sweet Auburn Heritage Festival
Historic Auburn Ave./Downtown Atlanta Georgia
October 9-10, 2010

A family festival and gathering, the Sweet Auburn Heritage Festival is centered on Auburn Avenue, the most historic street  in Atlanta. Come out and and enjoy three days of entertainment, artist, fun for the kids and a Health and Fitness Pavillion.  There will also be literary market for readers, published and aspiring authors and vendors. Hope to see you there!!

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Saints or Sinners???

Hey everyone!!
So we are now closing the Hallelujah Love Series by Lutishia Lovely with, "Heaven Forbid." All of us have thoroughly enjoyed the plots, twist, and turns we have been taken on and will probably hate it when it is over or decide to read the series again!!  With that, there have been several discussions generated from the series including the fact that the author writes about certain topics and themes within a church setting. What topics and themes you ask?? Adultery in the church, in the pulpit no less, bisexuality, and vivid sexual interactions.  I am not sure how all of your churches may be, but in the churches I have attended, such themes were soooooo off limits, taboo and often just rumored about!!  Church folk spreading rumors?? No, can't be?!?!  Well folks, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but often times all this and more goes on in the "church" and more I assume.  Which brings me to my question.  What are your assumptions about the things that go on in the "church"?  Are the previously mentioned themes within the church new to you? Do you know of others? And how do you feel about it?  I believe that people in the church are just that..... "people".  While it is assumed that all of them walk the straight and narrow, they are subject to the same temptations as people who are not in the church, or do not attend regularly, etc..  We all make mistakes. Oh, before I forget. Married people in the church often times have the same vivid, wild sex interactions as everyone else, maybe even better!! Shhhhh, you didn't hear it from me!!

Please leave your thought and comments below. Thanks!!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

6 Ways to Find Time to Read

Is there a book you have been trying to read for weeks?  Months? Or even a year and you still haven't gotten around to picking it up yet?  I'm sure you keep telling yourself, "This weekend I am going to read that book!" And what happens? Weekend goes by and you didn't give that book a second thought!! Right?!! Well thanks to our friends over at I have got some tips for you on how to introduce reading into your busy lifestyle.
1. Choose the right book for you.  Select something that you know appeals to you so that you will WANT to read the book in the first place!!
2. Schedule time to Read. Yep just tell yourself at 9pm Friday night I am going to start reading that book! You can do it!
3. Take the book with you. I do this when I think I will have time in between training sessions or on lunch breaks!
4. Give yourself a certain number of pages or chapters to read.  Tell yourself "Im going to read 2 chapters tonight." And see if you dont end up reading more than you expected!
5. Don't have time to run out and buy it? Order it online from anyone of the online book websites.  Checkout for new and used books! They come right to your door step.
6. Get a friend involved. Nothing like talking about a good book to a friend who is either reading it or has read it already!!
Happy Reading!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are books a thing of the Past?


With the launch of Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Nobles' Nook, and now the Apple iPad, it is beginning to look as if we are heading into a new era of reading.  The advances in technology has introduced us to more ways to avoid going to bookstores and libraries and waiting in those very long lines to purchase books. *blank stare*  So for a few hundred dollars you can conveniently read your book from your trendy device instead of going to the bookstore on a sunny afternoon!! Cool right? Well, I believe this answer is yes and no. Yes, I can see the advantages of saving gas to not have to go by the bookstore, or saving storage room by reducing the number of books you are stacking up in your den, and of course bragging about your new tech device to your friends, giving them every detail on how cool it is.... But what about the quality of the experience that you get when you are in the bookstore? What about having that physical token i.e. "the book" as your permanent receipt of that experience?  I do not hold anything against technology advances and think they are very valuable, however, what type of affect do you think this will have on the production of books and/or author? Are these new device choices comparable to how itunes is a new media source than buying Cd's?? Well at this point I'm sure its clear that I am a fan of the "book" but how do you feel?
We want your feedback!! Leave comments below!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 does it affect you?

by: Tasha Dillard

How do you think the books that you read affect your thoughts? Moods? Brain Power? Well I like to believe that it does shape all of those things mentioned.  Think about it for a second.....When you read, you take in the information of the content provided. Depending on what you decide to read whether it may be informative (newspapers, health magazines, etc) or entertaining (romance novels, comic books) you exercise the brain, just as working out exercises the body.  Think of all the new words and meanings you discover while reading. Now have you used those same words and/or phrases while talking to someone? In a presentation? To impress a significant other? I'm sure many of us have done so.and when our experiences are positive we tend to share the source of our information with our friends and loved ones.
Have you ever read something and it completely changed your mood i.e. negative articles in the newspapers or a turn of bad events in a novel? Did those things make you angry or mad? This has happened to me. However, I have also read positive things that were uplifting and inspiring that made me feel like I could conquer the world!! So, with that, I would like to know how you believe reading has impacted you. Do you agree or disagree? Please take a few minutes and leave a quick comment. Thanks!!
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