Monday, June 27, 2011

July Book Selection: "Getting to Happy" by Terry McMillan

Greetings and Happy Monday everyone!  We hope that it is has been a pleasant one thus far.  We would like to thank everyone who joined us this past Saturday at our book club meeting and participated in our online discussion.  Many thanks to our host for doing such a great job!  We were able to test our live broadcast feature in this last meeting and hope to have it available so you can participate in the discussions live!

Now, for our next book...
Our July book selection is Terry McMillan's newest release Getting to HappyAs you might know, this is the sequel to her famous book Waiting to Exhale. We discussed this book a little earlier in the year when it was first released.  Check it out here. Purchase your copy early and join in on our next book discussion!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Talk of the Town Tuesday: 50 Cent's new anti-bullying book, "Playground"

Today's "Talk" comes from our rapper friend "50 Cent" who has decided to write a book for teenagers titled Playground.
*hold reaction* 

Curtis Jackson ("50 Cent") draws upon his personal experiences and shares with us in first person about the journey of a bully to redemption. Playground is anticipated to be released in January 2012.
*begin reaction here*

Hmmm.... I have many many thoughts surrounding this topic, however, my mom once told me, "If you don't have nothing nice to say...."  I will just end with this, who better to write a book about bullying than a bully? 
What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Talk of the Town Tuesday: The Big Fight: My Life In and Out of the Ring by Sugar Ray Leonard

Today's "Talk" is brought to us by the great boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. If you have not already heard by now, the former boxer has a new book out titled, The Big Fight: My Life In and Out of the Ring, where he shares with his readers many of his struggles that he was forced to deal with, including being sexually abused as a young teenage fighter.

Excerpt from

Sugar Ray Leonard's brutally honest and uplifting memoir reveals in intimate detail for the first time the complex man behind the boxer. The Olympic hero, multichampionship winner, and beloved athlete waged his own personal battle with depression, rage, addiction, and greed. The Big Fight takes readers behind the scenes of a notoriously corrupt sport and chronicles the evolution of a champion, as Leonard prepares for the greatest fights of his life-against Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, and Wilfred Benitez. At the same time Leonard fearlessly reveals his own contradictions and compulsions, his infidelity, and alcohol and cocaine abuse.
With honesty, humor, and hard-won perspective, Leonard comes to terms with both triumph and struggle-and presents a gripping portrait of remarkable strength, courage, and resilience, both in and out of the ring.


Well, I have not read many books by former athletes and I am not sure how I feel about this one.  But I am curious to why he decides now to reveal this information about his past....  According to a recent radio interview he states that revealing this information allowed him to free himself.  Which I  understand. However, there are a few that do not believe that his accusation hold merit.  (click here)  What are your thoughts?  Leave us comments below. Thanks!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Atlanta Welcomes Sister Souljah!!

Sister Souljah Fans listen up!  Sister Souljah will be in the Atlanta Meto Area this week promoting her new book Midnight and the Meaning of Love

Come out and join her on the following dates:
Photo Credit:

June 14, 2011
Medu BookStore
2841 Greenbrier Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 

June 15, 2011
Caribou Coffee
3261 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA
Hosted by Pasha
Click here for additional tour dates!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Book Club Selection

We would like to thank those who came out on Saturday to our book club meeting and those who participated in the facebook discussion!! 

Ok, It's the beginning of the month (sorta) and our host for June has selected: "The Upper Room" by Mary Monroe.

Synopsis by Publisher's Weekly
Originally published in 1985, Mary Monroe's engaging debut novel, The Upper Room, features Ruby Montgomery, an obese, indomitable character who steals her best friend's baby daughter and flees to rural Florida, where she establishes herself as an almost mythical figure. The dialogue and setting are reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston, but the story has a bizarre, violent edge … la Stephen King. Fantastic and exaggerated, the novel may seem dated in its descriptions of race and sex, but it is a candid portrayal of the cold-blooded yet fascinating Mama Ruby.

Let's get reading and join in our book club discussion at the end of the month.
Happy Reading!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Follow Friday #9

Greetings and Happy Friday Everyone. We Made It!!
It's that time again!  Time to make new friends and find new blogs to follow. 


So, head on over to Parajunkie's View for the details for this Friday's Follow.  We would like to Congratulate today's feature: Back Seat Reader!
Question Time:
What are you doing to prepare for an upcoming zombie apocalypse and/or the return of Mel Gibson to the silver screen?
 (Both of which could be terrifying.)
Huh?? (LOL) Let's see.....  Lots and lots of food and water.  Supplies to reinforce the windows and doors.  Guns and ammo *blank stare*
How are you going to prepare?? Leave your comments below.  Thanks and have a great weekend!
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