Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are books a thing of the Past?


With the launch of Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Nobles' Nook, and now the Apple iPad, it is beginning to look as if we are heading into a new era of reading.  The advances in technology has introduced us to more ways to avoid going to bookstores and libraries and waiting in those very long lines to purchase books. *blank stare*  So for a few hundred dollars you can conveniently read your book from your trendy device instead of going to the bookstore on a sunny afternoon!! Cool right? Well, I believe this answer is yes and no. Yes, I can see the advantages of saving gas to not have to go by the bookstore, or saving storage room by reducing the number of books you are stacking up in your den, and of course bragging about your new tech device to your friends, giving them every detail on how cool it is.... But what about the quality of the experience that you get when you are in the bookstore? What about having that physical token i.e. "the book" as your permanent receipt of that experience?  I do not hold anything against technology advances and think they are very valuable, however, what type of affect do you think this will have on the production of books and/or author? Are these new device choices comparable to how itunes is a new media source than buying Cd's?? Well at this point I'm sure its clear that I am a fan of the "book" but how do you feel?
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