Review Policy/Rating Guide

Review Guidelines
  • Pg.59 Book Club is happy to receive requests to review books or to be considered for book club selections.  Please direct requests to
  • When submitting queries for a potential book review, please include the title of the book in the subject headline and include the genre and intended audience in the email as well. (but not in the subject line please)
  • All genres are accepted. However, due to the amount of books that are submitted for review, we cannot guarantee that your book will be read or chosen as a "book club read".  
  • Please do not send additional books unless previously discussed.  Books received without notice may not be considered for review.
  • Pg.59 Book Club reserves the right to withdraw its acceptance to review books submitted.  In the event an e-book (digital copy) of the book was sent, it will be deleted.  If a print copy of the book was submitted, the book will be reviewed by a reliable guess reviewer so that your submission is still considered. 
  • Reviews will be posted on our blog site and additional social media (facebook/twitter/posterous) outlets for public viewing.
  • In your review inquiry, please indicate whether or not if you are willing to sponsor giveaways.  If this is not included, a follow-up email will be sent.  Giveaways are great marketing tools and introduce people to your book.          How it works: The book selected in the giveaway will be announced on our blog site and additional social media outlets (facebook/twitter/posterous).  A deadline will be given to enter the contest.  Once the deadline is reached, one person is selected using random software.  You will be notified of the winner via email that will include their name and address so that one copy of your book can be sent to them.  The author/publisher determines the number of books used in giveaways.
  • Pg.59 Book Club will provide a fair and honest review of all the books that are read.  However, this does not guarantee that your book will receive a favorable review. All reviews are 100% our own opinion and are not influenced in any way by anyone else.
  • Once your complimentary book submission has been received and review is pending, you will be notified of the date your review will be posted.
  • Regarding ARCs and galleys: We understand how much work that is put into writing a book, and how much piracy and disrespect of property can be damaging.  Your book will not be resold, shared or copied.  We respect the trust that is given to us to review your work and would not abuse it.
  • Review Guidelines are subject to change.

 Rating Guide
We have based our rating system on how easily we are able to reach the 59th page of a book!  The easier it is for us to make it past pg.59, the better the book is rated.  Good Luck!!

1 Page
Whew!! We had a hard time getting to pg.59 to continue reading the book.  The book was either dry, hard to follow, undeveloped plot and/or characters or simply not a good fit.  If bought as a personal read, it probably would not get finished.  However, if this book was submitted for review, we had to push to complete it.  Reading should be enjoyable and not "work".  Didn't do much discussing at the book club meeting. We probably wouldn't recommend.

2 pages
Read past pg.59, but barely finished the book. The book was just "ok". Nothing really caught us about it.  We would suggest you borrow from a friend or check it out from a library.  In times like these, every dollar counts!!  We had time for other chatter at the bookclub meeting.  We may not re-read it but we will give it away!

3 pages
Easily read past pg.59 and the book was pretty good average read.  The book may have lacked a little excitement, or the plot recognizable in a different book, etc. but overall a good read.  Typical discussion at the book club meeting.  May not be the first on the re-read list, but we wouldn't give it away!

4 pages
Breezed past pg.59!!  Great story, good characters, easy to follow, and we were completely sucked in by the book!  Great discussion at the book club meeting. We would definetly re-read it and no we are not giving it away!!  But we will recommend you to buy it!

5 pages
Ummmm, pg.59?? Are you serious?? We read the book in one day or close to it!  Could not put it down and took the book everywhere we went! Lost sleep and drank coffee to stay up to finish it!!  Yes, it was that great and we stayed late discussing it in the book club meeting! And as you may already know, we will not be giving it away! It will be a permanent book shelf member but we strongly urge you to go buy it new!!

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