Thursday, October 7, 2010

6 Ways to Find Time to Read

Is there a book you have been trying to read for weeks?  Months? Or even a year and you still haven't gotten around to picking it up yet?  I'm sure you keep telling yourself, "This weekend I am going to read that book!" And what happens? Weekend goes by and you didn't give that book a second thought!! Right?!! Well thanks to our friends over at I have got some tips for you on how to introduce reading into your busy lifestyle.
1. Choose the right book for you.  Select something that you know appeals to you so that you will WANT to read the book in the first place!!
2. Schedule time to Read. Yep just tell yourself at 9pm Friday night I am going to start reading that book! You can do it!
3. Take the book with you. I do this when I think I will have time in between training sessions or on lunch breaks!
4. Give yourself a certain number of pages or chapters to read.  Tell yourself "Im going to read 2 chapters tonight." And see if you dont end up reading more than you expected!
5. Don't have time to run out and buy it? Order it online from anyone of the online book websites.  Checkout for new and used books! They come right to your door step.
6. Get a friend involved. Nothing like talking about a good book to a friend who is either reading it or has read it already!!
Happy Reading!!

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