Monday, October 18, 2010

"Straight Talk, No Chaser"


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Steve Harvey is back at it again!! Giving relationship advice, tips, and secrets to the "How TOs" to men.  In his recent release, "Straight Talk, No Chaser", Harvey provides information on how to get the truth out your man and avoid those deceptive answers!  Check out his website to get your signed copy today!


While I am sure Mr. Harvey's book will reveal quite a few tidbits of important information that we could all benefit from, I am so over-tired (phrase I made up) of this topic that seems and probably won't ever go away.  How long will we continue to enter into relationships that are maybe healthy initially (often not the case), and then turn them upside down with deceit, lies, and unfaithfulness? Will we ever become self-less and think of the other person in the relationship before we think of ourselves and our selfish desires??

My short, positive answer is keep hope alive! And until then, continue to support all those authors who continue to make a living off of all the drama, lies, cheating, and other destructive habits and characteristics that are seen in our relationships!  Straight Talk, No Chaser.... right??  Please leave your thoughts below. Thanks!


  1. I think relationships have to mature into that point. That is the prime place you relationship needs to be at, in order for it flourish. But as man (not men) we all are driven by our own desires and needs, and unfortunately they supersede whats in the best interest of others. So this will be a back and forth fight until the end of time.

  2. Kevin, I do not believe that it has to be a fight at all, especially not until the end of time!! There has to be a way in which we can self-LESS-ly come together in relationships. A way in which we can always consider the other person and not always focus first on our selfish desires... I am a believer that who you are is what you attract, although we don't like to view it that way. Maybe by demonstrating acts of selflessness i.e. being that in which you seek, you will attrack that very same person to you, thus ending the fighting back and forth in which you stated. Just my opinion... Thanks for your comment!


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