Friday, October 8, 2010

Saints or Sinners???

Hey everyone!!
So we are now closing the Hallelujah Love Series by Lutishia Lovely with, "Heaven Forbid." All of us have thoroughly enjoyed the plots, twist, and turns we have been taken on and will probably hate it when it is over or decide to read the series again!!  With that, there have been several discussions generated from the series including the fact that the author writes about certain topics and themes within a church setting. What topics and themes you ask?? Adultery in the church, in the pulpit no less, bisexuality, and vivid sexual interactions.  I am not sure how all of your churches may be, but in the churches I have attended, such themes were soooooo off limits, taboo and often just rumored about!!  Church folk spreading rumors?? No, can't be?!?!  Well folks, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but often times all this and more goes on in the "church" and more I assume.  Which brings me to my question.  What are your assumptions about the things that go on in the "church"?  Are the previously mentioned themes within the church new to you? Do you know of others? And how do you feel about it?  I believe that people in the church are just that..... "people".  While it is assumed that all of them walk the straight and narrow, they are subject to the same temptations as people who are not in the church, or do not attend regularly, etc..  We all make mistakes. Oh, before I forget. Married people in the church often times have the same vivid, wild sex interactions as everyone else, maybe even better!! Shhhhh, you didn't hear it from me!!

Please leave your thought and comments below. Thanks!!



  1. I grew up baptist, attended church every Saturday for youth choir rehearsal, and every Sunday morning for 11:00 am worship service. And let me tell you, the themes that Ms. Lovely writes about are by no means new!!!! Example, when I was in middle school the scandal of our church was one of the choir members (male and married) impregnated one of the female choir members. Did we ever hear the preacher attack and condemn that sin??? NOPE!!!! It was awful. The musician was gay and open about it....both of them were come to think about it. The other musician and his girlfriend had been "shacking up" for years and that wasn't preached on either. So of course if these things were addressed from the head of the ministry then it was a "GO" for all involved. And let's just tackle this marriage issue. As a saved woman that was married, my bedroom was cold!!!! WHY?? ? Because we were taught that sex is just sex. A tool for procreation only!! Humph...well I've procreated and now I'm on fiyah!!! lol!!! I loved the series, but I do feel that it is time for the righteous to live right. Just my thoughts.

  2. Ok, I am over here laughing so hard at this comment!! Especially "...well I've procreated and now I'm on fiyah!!" Hilarious!!

    Well, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone!! I believe there are many people throwing rocks (and everything else they can find to throw) and live in paper thin glass houses. We are so quick to judge people and not ourselves. I say..concentrate on your own wrong doings and stop focusing on others.

    I believe that intimacy within a marriage has been misconstrued in a way that have people who love each other believing that they are not suppose to enjoy the exchange and I do not believe that at all.

  3. I'm not an avid church goer myself, but I have been the person who they come to when in need of some "soul saving" if you catch my drift. I believe most want to engage in a physical relations, but scared of the consequences. I'm not saying it's right, we are human and the flesh is weak. Just don't go in with blindrs don't know what you're liable to walk into.

  4. As the author of the infamous Hallelujah Love Series, I am thrilled at all of the discussions these novels have generated. As the recent scandals have proven, sex is something that needs to be incorporated in church teachings, in a healthy and holistic way. I grew up in church, and the only thing I heard about sex was to not do it until I was married. Once grown, single and horny, the married women (who often led the singles groups) would tell us that "marriage isn't all it's stacked up to be," "it's better to be single, you can totally focus on God," and "wait on the Lord." In the 90s, it became okay for pastors to encourage their married members to wear Victoria's Secret and put on Marvin Gaye while in the bedroom. Whose helping all of these women make the jump from "sex is sin" to "get your freak on???" This is just once aspect of many that is discussed in these novels.

    As for the sistah who said it was time for Christians to live righteous, trust, there are many who do, and authors who write about them. I just prefer writing about the other ones! :)

    Oh, and BTW, the Hallelujah Love series WILL continue. I'm just taking a break to introduce a new series that I'm TOTALLY excited abougt! HL returns in 2012, and will continue as long as readers want to hear about the characters that all of us have come to know and love.

    Page 59...I so appreciate y'all! Hugs and love...Lutishia

  5. Hey everyone and thanks for the comments!!
    I must agree that Lutishia has a good point about the need for single women following the teachings of Christ to be better guided about their sexual desires.... But what about the single men?? Should they be better guided towards making some of these single women less single??


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