Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reading...how does it affect you?

by: Tasha Dillard

How do you think the books that you read affect your thoughts? Moods? Brain Power? Well I like to believe that it does shape all of those things mentioned.  Think about it for a second.....When you read, you take in the information of the content provided. Depending on what you decide to read whether it may be informative (newspapers, health magazines, etc) or entertaining (romance novels, comic books) you exercise the brain, just as working out exercises the body.  Think of all the new words and meanings you discover while reading. Now have you used those same words and/or phrases while talking to someone? In a presentation? To impress a significant other? I'm sure many of us have done so.and when our experiences are positive we tend to share the source of our information with our friends and loved ones.
Have you ever read something and it completely changed your mood i.e. negative articles in the newspapers or a turn of bad events in a novel? Did those things make you angry or mad? This has happened to me. However, I have also read positive things that were uplifting and inspiring that made me feel like I could conquer the world!! So, with that, I would like to know how you believe reading has impacted you. Do you agree or disagree? Please take a few minutes and leave a quick comment. Thanks!!


  1. I agree that reading cultivates the mind therefore, causing the body to engage in what it has gathered.The body always waits on the brain to tell it what to do. It is the CEO of operations and giving the body repurcussions of what it has given attention to in the brain.....


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