Monday, May 16, 2011

Motivational Monday "Become a Better You"

Good morning!
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'Tis Monday morning again and the work week has officially started for us M-F/ 9-5 people.  And I would like to encourage you today to "become a better you".  Change does not come easy for many of us (especially the longer you live). And often times we resist it instead of embracing it (I'm referring to positive change).  Yes, you will be walking into new unknown territory, but don't allow fear to deter you.  Stay confident that the change that you are experiencing will make the "old you" better.  Let us encourage each other and step into the unknown together and become better moms, dads, parents, daughters, sons, friends, lovers (you get the point) and  become the better people that we know that we possess inside. 
Have a wonder-FILLED day and blessed week!


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