Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Tales of Book Reading: "Has a book ever made you cry"?

Dear Pg.59,
I just finished the most amazing book!  It took me on an emotional roller coaster, which brings me to my question:  Has a book you or your members read made you cry?  Thanks for your time!

Reading Cry Baby

Dear Reading Cry Baby,
YES!!  I cannot tell you how many books that I have personally read that have brought me to many tears.  I usually enjoy those the most!  There has also been a few chosen by our members (this year) that were also tear jerkers as well such as, The Help and The Shack.  I believe that if emotion (joy, sadness, anger, etc) can be evoked within the reader then the author has successfully connected with them. Looks like you enjoyed the book!  Thanks for writing to us and we hope that you enjoy many books to come.


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