Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Talk of the Town Tuesday: "Transparent" by Don Lemon

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Recently, CNN Newsroom anchor Don Lemon decided to reveal one of the most intimate details of his life in an interview with MSNBC–he's gay.  Lemon also shares the reasons for "coming out" and why he has decided to do so now at this point in his life.  In his new book, Transparent, he discusses his career as a journalist but also shares with his readers things of a more personal nature, such as growing up without his father and being sexually abused as a child.  However, Lemon explains how he used those very experiences to become the successful  and fearless person you see today. 

Well, alrighty then...  I have always enjoyed watching Don Lemon on CNN.  His book will be available next month for purchase.  Hmmm, is it just me or is it rather timely that he discloses his sexual preference and his book release at the same time?  Not trying to start no trouble, just an observation...  Enjoy!

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