Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Review: "All Up In My Business" by Lutishia Lovely

A Review

Title: All Up In My Business
Author: Lutishia Lovely
Pages: 336
Publisher: Dafina; 1 edition (March 1, 2011)
ISBN-10: 075823869X
Rated: Ages 18+

Lutishia Lovely, author of the Hallelujah Series and our feature this month, is at it again!  Encapsulating us once again with her steamy tales of romance, lies, deception, love, passion and ambition all in one book.   Here is the background provided to us by Goodreads:

Lutishia Lovely serves up a sizzling behind-the-scenes tale of rivalry and scandal in a family's booming soul food dynasty. . .
With brothers Malcolm and Toussaint Livingston at the helm, business at Taste of Soul is thriving and the family seems to have it all. But jealousy and competition threaten to tarnish their picture-perfect image.
Toussaint is a risk-taker, determined to expand the restaurant chain at a record pace, but levelheaded Malcolm insists on challenging Toussaint's goals. And at home, there's more heating up than grits and collard greens. Malcolm is growing weary of his marriage and his ever-expanding brood of children. His brother's Casanova lifestyle looks more and more appealing. But Toussaint's playboy days aren't as carefree as Malcolm thinks. Toussaint's met his match in interior designer Alexis St. Clair, a woman who refuses to become just another dish on this player's mating menu. But if Toussaint has his way, the happenings in both the boardroom and the bedroom are all about to change. . .

Front Cover
From the body language of the man and woman on the front cover, you can grasp that there will be some type of tension between the sexes within this book.  From that realization, your imagination takes over, thinking about why the woman on the cover appears to be unhappy while the man seems very confident with a smug look on his face..... I wonder what he did??? (LOL)

My thoughts....
From the opening pages, Lovely draws you in by playing on your emotions and piquing your curiosity.  She quickly introduces us to the distinguished Livingston family and strategically places each supporting player character into the story.  Each character is well developed and adds spice to the already flavorful saga.  She leaves just enough mystery behind each character that leaves you wanting more when the book is over.  Thank goodness there is another to come!

This book is an easy read and will keep you turning pages as fast as you can!  While the plot is simple, she keeps you guessing at which conflict will reign supreme.  If you have read any of Lutishia Lovely's books, you know this is what she does so well.  Add to that, her bold themes and colorful descriptions, and steamy romance scenes.  It's easy to lose track of the time and become completely lost in the drama. 

I would recommend this book to ADULTS who enjoy a climatic, jaw dropping, can't believe it, OMG, moments! This book has plenty of them along with displays of strength, ambition, passion, and the importance of family. I anticipate more of the same in the succeeding book! 

My Rating: 4 Books

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