Monday, March 21, 2011

Motivational Monday "It's Only March Madness....."

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For all of my College basketball fans out there who diligently selected their bracket choices, just to have them scratched out in red ink when your team lost, this Monday's Motivation is for you! Enjoy the spirit of the game!!  So what if your team has been eliminated (perhaps not) and your brackets are all out of wack (like mine)!  Just laugh at the guy's brackets next to you.  I'm sure his brackets are just as messed up as mine yours are!  Or perhaps you are the one person who has selected pretty accurately so far..... *boooooooo* (LOL)
I encourage us to take that camaderie throughout the rest of the tournament games and make it fun! No need to be mad during March Madness!  Let's have fun!  Have a wonderful Monday and a beautiful week!
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  1. It's just too soon. Our lost was a bitter disappointment :( With time, it will be fun again.


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