Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: "The Sinus/Allergy...(achooooo!!!) Blues"

Welcome Spring (I think)!!
We have all been waiting for you! Anticipating your warm breeze and mild temperatures since the start of Winter's assault on us (I actually like winter).  How happy we are to see you (some of us)!  With your arrival, you bring refreshing breezes, warm temperatures, longer days, and those wonderful, fresh, colorful nightmares called flowers!! (This includes you blooming trees!) Yes, they are beautiful; with all their splendor and POLLEN.  Oh how they make me us sneeze violently and inflame our sinuses vigorously!! 

If this is how the arrival of Spring has you feeling, here are a few ways to combat your allergy blues:

1.Keep Your Distance.  Avoid outdoors (for now) like the plague!!  Ok, that is a little unrealistic.  However, consider reducing the amount of time you stay outdoors until the initial pollen storm is over (late Spring). 

2.Shoes Stop Here! When you walk indoors, you often bring the pollen from outside with you.  So, to prevent tracking pollen all through your house, leave your shoes at the door.  Have your guest to do the same when they arrive.  Quick tip: Pollen is on your clothes! Keep your clothes hamper shut tightly. 

3.Air Please.  Use the air condition. In your house and car. Yes, I am aware gas prices are at an all time high.  But, there are few good reason to go ahead and burn a few extra dollars.... sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, irrated sinuses to name a few.  Remember to re-circulate the air inside the car and not pull it from the outside (Unless you left your windows down and pollen is now inside your car.)

4.Wash Me.  Not just because its dirty and your car hasn't seen a car wash the entire winter,but because keeping a clean car, although the pollen returns quick, may help reduce your exposure and symptoms.  Take a few mins and spray the pollen off your car. 

5.Close it up!  Keep all windows and doors closed during peek pollen weeks.  Keeping the pollen out is essential, since you don't want it circulating where you are trying to escape to.  If, pollen does get inside your home, its time to get cleaning!!

6.Stock It!  Whichever sinus/allergy medicine you may be using, be sure that you have it readily available and you are taking it as recommened.

7. Share.  You aren't the only person feeling the affects of Spring, so share your remedies and experiences with each other and see if you can help someone else while potentially benefitting from things they are trying.

I hope these few simple suggestions will help you.  These are only my suggestions and not medical advice (had to state that lol).  May your Spring be warm, bright, and sinus/allergy/hayfever free!  Have a wonderful season!!

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  1. As I am reading this, I am on the brink of sneezing AGAIN.

    Thanks! *many notes to self*


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