Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Talk of the Town Tuesdays: "Room" by Emma Donohue


As I research for popular book titles that are being discussed in the reading world, I keep running across this book titled Room, by Emma Donohue.  Appropriately titled, the setting takes place in an 11x11 room that is occupied by two people-a 5 year old boy named Jack and his mother.  The room has become their world and the only place that young Jack knows, since they are being held prisoners within its walls by Old Nick.  As Jack grows, it becomes obvious that the room will not hold them forever and expansion beyond its walls are intense and painful.  Jack's mother attempts to make his world as normal as possible by hiding her secret pain and their abnormal living situation.  Hope and preserverance wins in the end with the shear will to survive and the determination to live. 

The storyline, along with the reviews, has my interest piqued about this book!  It seems to have sad and grim undertones with hints of hope and overcoming the unbearble along its journey.  I am a big fan of books that provide a good dose of motivation and inspiration (after I wipe away the tears...)!  For more about the author and the book visit her interactive website: http://www.roomthebook.com/.  Enjoy!

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