Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wellness Wednesday: 5 Ways to Stay Fit at Work!

By: Tasha Dillard

Does your work environment consist of you sitting behind a desk and staring at a computer screen all day? Have you noticed that your favorite pair of pants are fitting snug and are actually more comfortable when you release the clasp that holds them together?  If you have answered yes to either one of these questions, chances are you may be a victim of work place weight gain!

No need to worry.  There are solutions to this common issue such as obtaining a gym membership and/or soliciting a personal trainer.  But why do that when you may be able to do it for FREE in the comfort of your own office or workspace.  Now, it will take daily dedication on your part and maybe a few less trips to the  snack machine however, I have faith in you! So let’s do it!! Ready??

  • Park further away from the building.  Don’t feel the need to get that “best” parking space all the time! Start burning calories as soon as you get to work and when you leave by traveling further distance to your car. Helpful Info: This also may reduce the number of door dings your car will get

  • Take a brisk walk during lunch.  Jump start your lunch by taking a heart felt walk.  This can be done around the building or the parking lot.  Always remember safety!

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  While stairs have become the last option for entry, they are great for shaping those legs and working that heart muscle!  If you work on the 112th floor or even the 21st floor, I am NOT suggesting that you walk up all of those stairs!! Take the elevator to the floor just before yours and then walk up one flight or as many as you feel that you can do.

  • Stand/Walk while talking making return calls.  If you voicemail box is full of messages, then while you return your calls, stand or walk around your office.  This will burn calories without you even knowing it!

  • Stretching.  Yes, you can burn calories stretching!  Begin your day with simple stretches or do them after either of the previously mentioned exercises.   Make sure you breathe through each stretch deeply and slowly and hold each for about 5-7 seconds.

Remember, always follow safety guidelines at your job. Be careful while performing any exercises in your office and check with your handbook for information regarding workplace safety.  Helpful Info: Check with your employer’s Human Resource Department.  They may have discounted gym memberships available for employees.

May I suggest that you refer to Working on the Ball: A Simple Guide to Office Fitness, by Jane Clapp and Sara Robichaud for additional office workout ideas!!  This book can be purchased at or wherever books are sold.  Enjoy!

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