Monday, December 20, 2010

Motivational Monday: "Don't Worry.... Be Happy!"

"Worry is a form of meditation."~Unkown

Most of us are guilty of worrying about something at some point in our lives.  From how a certain bill would be paid to what grade you made on your final exam!  We begin to worry (close relation to fear) about things and concentrate on the end result being negative rather than directing energy toward a positive result instead.  I have found that sometimes what you mediate on and feed energy to result in the very outcome that you feared would happen.  In other words, you manifested the very thing that you were worrying about! 

On this Monday, I encourage you to focus your energy toward positive outcomes and not to happy! While I am aware that this is easier said than done, I challenge you to try it anyway.  The alternative will drain your energy and leave you feeling down.  So, think positive and feed positive energy into your circumstances and manifest positive outcomes rather than negative ones! 

As a tool to assist you, I suggest The Worry Cure, by Robert Leahy.  In his book, he presents a systematic guide to help you get over the "what-if disease", by offering several steps to change your thought process.  This book is selected by SELF Magazine as one of the top 8 self-help books of all time and the reviews are positive!  You can find this book available at or wherever books are sold. Enjoy!

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