Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: Michelle Obama, Putting A Stop to Childhood Obesity. Let's Move!

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It has been a year since our First Lady, Michelle Obama, took a stand against childhood obesity and launched her Let's Move! Campaign.  In celebration, First Lady Michelle Obama continues to spread the message on the campaign trail and will be visiting our city (Atlanta) today to discuss the importance of getting our children active.  Click here for details...

The Lets Move! program focuses on stopping childhood obesity by:
  • Educating parents about healthy eating
  • Providing healthier foods in our schools
  • Fostering environments that also support good nutritional choices
  • Ensuring families have access to healthy, affordable food
  • And, helping children become more physically active
Let's Move! aims to solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation, so children born today will grow up healthier and live healthier lifestyles. 

Having a child of my own, I am soooo guilty of not always providing the most nutritious meals for my child.  With my schedule and hers (yes she is quite active), we are on the move with little time for home cooked meals.  But, I take an oath to do better!! I know it is going to be hard (she doesn't like to eat anything healthy, unless by force) but I am up to the challenge!! Are you??  Click here for more information about how you can get involved with Let's Move! Adults, this means you too!! Set the example!

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