Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Talk of the Town Tuesday: "Harlem is Nowhere: A Journey to the Mecca of Black America."

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Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Harvard graduate, essayist, and author of Harlem is Nowhere: A Journey to the Mecca of Black America, shares with us an intimate relationship and journey that she has experienced in the home of the Black Renaissance—Harlem, NY.

Inspired by an essay written by Ralph Ellison, Rhodes-Pitts delivers to us Harlem from her eyes to your heart.  As a new resident of the diverse cultural area, she propels herself into a world before her time by discovering the humble beginnings of old Harlem to its transition into the 21st century.  She conducts interviews with tourist and local residents, attends community meetings concerning local issues, talks with local street vendors, and strolls the streets of Harlem, revealing the essence of the city in which she resides. 

A few weeks ago, I came across this book in an article written by National Public Radio (NPR).  It caught my attention at first glance.  I will be getting my copy soon and reviewing it shortly!  If you have already read this book, let us know what your thoughts were!  If you plan to read it (like me), share that with us too!! Click here for more information about the book.  Enjoy!

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