Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Tales of Book Reading: "Everytime I start reading, I fall asleep!!"

By: Tasha Dillard

You wake up.  The book you were reading is now on the floor and your eyeglasses are resting crooked on your face. were out like a light!!  What began as a session of enjoyable book reading became a moment for peaceful slumber.  It seems that everytime you try to read this happens!! Why and what can you do about it??? 

Many of us have experienced dozing off while reading a book.  And there can be a range of reasons why– the book is a drag, you haven't been getting enough sleep, or the time of day that you are reading. Well, here are a few suggestion that may help you if you are having this problem.

  • If you find that the book that you are reading does not appeal to you (it's dry and boring) then don't feel bad if you don't finish it!  Hey, we like what we like!! And unless your reading is school or work related (a must do), then go on to something that you like.  Better luck next time!
  • If you find that the book that you are reading is actually really good, with a great plot, storyline and characters, you just may need to consider getting more sleep.  Set aside a time to read when you have rested and feel rejuvenated.  It does require some energy to read!!
  • Have you considered the time and place you are reading??  Do you read at night in the bed?  If you answered yes, then ummm you are setting yourself up to go to sleep!  Try a different time and place to get your reading done– during the day in a different part of the house or perhaps at a local cafe or bookstore. 
If you have attempted and considered all the things I have suggested above, my last idea is determine how much reading you can get done before you find yourself feeling sleepy.  That may be 15 minutes to 1 hour.  Whichever, don't read past that time.  Allot yourself the amount of time you have determined you can read before falling asleep and stick with it.  Eventually, you will get that book finished!!
Happy Reading!!

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