Friday, January 21, 2011

Now Introducing.....Food for Thought Fridays!

by: Tasha

Initially, Fridays were reserved for financial discussions and suggestions. But because the economy is in a all time slump recovery and this is the beginning of a new year (resolutions), everyone seems to be discussing financials do's, don'ts, maybe's, shoulda, coulda, woulda's (I think you get the point).  Sooo, I have decided to talk about something a little more refreshing on Fridays.....Food!! 

Notice that there are several definitions of the word food (thanks
  • any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc
  • more or less solid nourishment, as distinguished from liquids. 
  • a particular kind of solid nourishment: 
  • whatever supplies nourishment to organisms
  • anything serving for consumption or use: food for thought
 Now, I know what you are thinking.... What does food have to do with a books, bookclubs, etc?? Well, there are many books and bookclubs that discuss food and now we are one of them!! (Plus, we all eat right?)

Food, as you see defined above, can also include substances that nourish our minds (mental intellect).  Not only via physiological (big word for the day) pathways, but by mental stimulation!!  So, my suggestion is that we enjoy the best of both worlds!!

Now, on to today's food for thought.... Since it is around lunch time here, I am going to refer to Patti Labelle for some good cuisine and eating!!  Check out here book, Patti Labelle's Lite Cuisine, where she provides healthy (but still very good) recipes that includes starters, entrees, sides and desserts.  Let me know what you think about her recipes!! Enjoy!


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