Monday, September 12, 2011

Pg.59 Interviews Demetris Taylor (Pt. 1)

 Awakenings–Epiphanies Along A Spiritual Journey
By: Demetris Taylor writing as BIG MEACH

Pg.59:  Briefly, tell us a little about your book and what inspired you write it?
Big Meach:  “Awakenings-Epiphanies Along a Spiritual Journey” is a self empowering, motivational, inspirational book that is designed to stimulate personal growth, reflection and dialogue between the reader and those with whom the reader shares the offerings.  I was inspired to put this together after I relinquished my 12 year membership with my church and needed to stay connected with my spirituality without conforming to the mundaneness of organized religion. 

Pg.59:  Who do you hope or want to connect with by writing this book?
Big Meach:  It is my Praise Report that I connect and reach all those who wish to stay connected and in tune with their spirituality and are looking for fresh, new, innovative ideas and approaches to stay on their paths or journey toward becoming their authentic selves without being bombarded, bamboozled, and betrayed by what traditional religion regurgitates and dictates as truth through contradictions and fear.  

Pg.59:  Will there be additional books in this series or likeness?
Big Meach:  That remains to be seen.  I KNOW the journey IS NOT over; however, I will see how my spirit leads me with this one.

To be continued....
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