Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review: The Seven Deadly Sexual Sins

Title:  The Seven Deadly Sexual Sins
Author: Quiniece Sheppard
Pages:  160
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 978-1-4389-6019-7
Age: 18+

From the author…..
This book is raw, uncut and uncensored in which I talk candidly and openly about my personal battles with sex and exposes the issues that society as a whole deal with as well. It reveals God's intentions relating to sex and the way God instructs us to use our bodies. For far too long, we have been careless with our bodies and have been using our bodies in the wrong way and now it's time to start doing things the right way. This book exposes what we have been doing wrong and gives you tools and advice on how to start doing it right.

Quiniece Sheppard was raised in a small farm city located in Plantersville, Alabama near historic Selma, Alabama. Raised in a family of thirteen, she is next to the youngest.  Sheppard shares with us that for years, she battled low self-esteem, loneliness, depression and struggled wit her identity which caused her to have issues with sex. This book was written out of her desire to help others overcome the battles of the flesh that she had to deal with. By bringing to light these seven deadly sexual sins that our society deal with, she hopes to inspire and motivate others to change. (

Front Cover
The burning flames on the cover definitely catch the attention of the reader but may seem a slight bit cliché.  If you consider the title and take in the cover, you can deduce that committing one of the seven deadly sins will result in certain hot death.

My Thoughts
In this book, Quiniece Sheppard shares with us her thoughts regarding sex, lust, masturbation, fornication, pornography, adultery, and other sexual perversions all in a single book!  She also provides her readers with scriptures and an interpretation of what God instructs us to do accordingly. 

Sex, and all of its related content, is often debated and discussed in many different environments.  From boardroom to the church house, it is a hot topic with all sides armed with evidence to support and disprove the other.  I must commend Ms. Sheppard for taking on such an intense subject matter.   She takes her position very quickly and throughout her book, supports that position by providing scriptures from the bible to her readers as a reference.  In order to make the reader more comfortable with the content of the book, she also bares her soul and shares her experiences that she has overcome through the years.  This is the very thing that I liked most about this book!  The author was not afraid of making herself vulnerable by admitting to her mistakes and sharing with us her disappointments. The importance of sharing these experiences (her testimony) is paramount in that they allow the reader to see her imperfections and share many of the same struggles.  She also encourages the reader not to carry all the weight alone, but to look to a higher source for strength and guidance [GOD].

The main challenge that I had with this book was while the author shares her experiences with the reader in attempts to break the ice, if you are reading this book for guidance and healing, it may come across overly critical and a little off putting.  I understand that the author is presenting information to incite change within the reader, however, it may boomerang and make her readers feel judged by her instead.  Delivery is key.  In addition, there are several instances in which the author repeats herself and completes paragraphs with run-on sentences.

Overall, I found this book to be informative and I actually share some of the views in which she discussed.  I also found that her book became a topic of a few discussions in my recent conversations!  My recommendation is:


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