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Pg.59 Interviews Author Lutishia Lovely Pt. 1

Last year, one of our book club members chose, Sex in the Sanctuary, by Lutishia Lovely as our book club selection.  That book had us hooked from day one!  Our club decided to continue in the Hallelujah Love Series and man we were not disappointed!!  Later that year we had the pleasure of meeting author Lutishia Lovely at her Heaven Forbid book release party in Atlanta, GA.  Since then, we have kept in touch and was very happy when she agreed to take out the time to answer a few questions about her new book, her new Business Series and of course about herself!  Here is Part 1 of our interview with author Lutishia Lovely...

Tasha/Tosha:  Once again, thank you Lutishia for taking the time to answer a few questions for us and for featuring us on your website as well!  We are sooo excited so we are going to jump right in!
As you know, Pg.59 read your last series, Hallelujah Love Series, and thought it was great!  How did you come up with the idea of a "Business Series" and what has inspired you to write it thus far?

Lutishia:  The Business Series developed organically, from several different angles. First, I’ve had a love affair with food from the time I was a child. While growing up, food played a significant role in my family and the kitchen was a social meeting place. So when my editor and I were tossing around ideas for a new series, based on a topic everyone could relate to, food was a natural choice. Eating is an integral part of our existence and so much is based around it: dates, family time, social gatherings, etc.  And at the end of the day, who doesn’t like to eat?

Tosha:  Who is your favorite character so far in this series and why?  Do you see yourself in any of the characters?

Lutishia:  Off the top of my head I’d say Toussaint Livingston is my favorite character. He is a lover, a playboy, a man’s man and a woman’s dream. Yet as successful as he is, there is still vulnerability and room to grow. And he has such a strong love for his woman, Alexis. I love heroes! With that being said, I guess it not too surprising that I see myself in Alexis! ::smile:: Alexis is a strong, successful woman, yet she is missing a major component in her storybook life…love. I often have to remind myself to balance the work with the rest of life’s necessary and valuable components. It’s a juggling act!

Tasha:  The setting of the first book takes place here in Atlanta.  We were wondering, are any of the situations in the book based upon actual events?? (We had to ask!!)

Lutishia:  Ha! Totally understand the question but no, this work is purely – okay, mostly - fiction. I do know of a few, real life DL situations but if I say more, I might give something (or somebody’s identity) away! I do add realism to the storyline by using authentic streets and landmarks, and one of the city’s visual artists, Stuart McClean, is highlighted. I became an admirer of his work after having my release party in his amazing gallery. It was only natural that my story’s interior designer, Alexis St. Clair, choose his work to showcase in one of her client’s resident makeovers.

Tosha:  Do you know how many books will make up the "Business Series?'

Lutishia:  Currently, three books are planned, but it all depends upon you, the reader. If y’all want more, then we’ll deliver!

Tasha:  When will the next title in the Business Series to be released and the name?  Can you give us just a taste of what is going on?

Lutishia:  I just finished book number two of the series, Mind Your Own Business, which drops in August, 2011. It takes up about a year after All Up In My Business leaves off, with more drama, scandal, redemption and renewals taking place. We get updates on Ace’s children, Jefferson and Bianca, as well as continuing to scope the lives revealed in All Up, including twins Adam and Ace Livingston, their wives Candace and Diane, the woman we love to hate, Chardonnay Johnson, and the main antagonist, Quintin Bright.

Tosha:  And.... when will the drama in the Hallelujah Love Series return??

Lutishia:  If Spirit says the same…2012. Featuring Princess, Mama Max and the long-awaited update on Bo and Darius…it returns with a bang!!!

Next, the author shares with us a some things about herself.  Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of the interview!!

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