Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Tales of Book Reading: "What do I do with all these books?"

Dear Pg.59,
I am an avid book reader and simply just love books!  But, I have a serious problem going on in my house.  Books are everywhere!!  On the floor, overflowing from the bookshelves, under my bed, on the counters, everywhere!!  I have run out of storage space and really want to give away or donate some of them.  Can you point me in the right direction?  Thanks for any help you can offer.

Truly yours,
Avid Book Reader

Dear Avid Book Reader,
What a wonderful problem to have!  Ok,  I don't mean to tease you... But we can definitely relate to your situation.  Here are a few suggestions for you:
  1. Book Sale.  Sell those books and make a profit!! Now, we aren't saying you are going to get rich from this sale, but hey... a few extra dollars can't hurt right? Place ads in your local paper, craigslist, or other media sources and utilize flyers and signs to make sure your sale is a hit!  You may also want to check out your local flea market to set up a table there!  Check out online book sellers like to post your books for sale through their website.  People love buying used books at low prices!  However, there may be shipping/handling fees involved.
  2. Donate.  Contact your local Mom & Pop or Vintage book store (Yes, they still exist!) and ask them do they accept book donations.  Also, we discovered this organization, Chapters of Hope that accepts book donations and sends them to children all over the world.  Check out your local non profit organizations and charities to see what is available to you in your area.
  3. Giveaways.  Give them as gifts to your friends, family, or co-workers!  I wouldn't suggest you force them to take them, but if you know they like to read and believe that they would have an interest in the book, try it!  However, this is not "dump all my unwanted books on someone else" day either!
  4. Storage.  If you have a few that you just cannot part with, you may want to invest in some economical storage options.  Shop flea markets and thrift stores for inexpensive book cases or storage containers.  Be on the look out for sales and discounts at local stores too!
  5. Home Decor.  There are ways you can use your unwanted books as home decor pieces!  Check out a few decorative suggestions here from Oprah's O Magazine.  Marie Hueston, author of Decorating with Books, also provides some interesting suggestions and ideas on how to decorate your house with books!  So check it out!
Well, we hope these few suggestions will prove to be helpful to you!  Let us know how it all turns out!  If anyone else has additional suggestions or comments to help our friend, please leave your comments below.  Thanks and happy reading!



  1. I too have been brought to my knees by an uncontrollable book habit. They are overflowing the shelves, double-parked, now creeping up the walls, up the secret stairs to my study...trouble is, I want to keep almost all of them!

  2. Another place that would probably love a donation of books would be your local library. Especially if the books are fairly new there is always a waiting list and they appreciate extra copies.

  3. Poor Deborah!! I guess its time to be creative (or get an e-reader)! Don't you just love books :-)

  4. Great suggestion Lisa!! Thanks!! Have a good weekend.


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