Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Tales of Book Reading: "I just don't like to read...."

Dear Pg.59,
I just cannot seem to get into the "reading" thing.  I have tried buying books that seemed interesting enough or recommended by someone.  And sometimes, I even crack it open and try to begin reading.  But I don't get far before I am  bored and ready to do something else.  Then the book(s) is neglected and I walk past it watching it collect dust.  It isn't that I didn't find the book appealing.  But an overwhelming since of dread and reluctancy just to perform the act.  Crazy right??  Can you help?

I hate reading.

Dear I hate reading,
No need to be upset or worried.  Everything isn't for everybody!  And I do not believe that you don't like reading in particular, you just do not enjoy sitting down (designated time) and reading a book!  You read constantly all day long—text messages, emails, advertisements, etc.  I believe it may be a connection with a past reading experience.  Maybe an earlier reading/book experience has made a certain impact on your reading habits.... just a thought.  However, I have good news for you!!  Many authors have converted their books into.....wait for it...wait for it.... audio books!!!  *crowd cheers here*  So, now you can just listen to them while driving to work or on a road trip like you do the radio!!  Quick fix!  And if there isn't an audio version available,  may I also suggest e-books or an e-reader.  Just download it straight to your pc or reader and maybe you can trick yourself into not thinking its a book!! (LOL!) I hope this helps!! 

If you have your own personal book reading stories, please share them with us!! We would love to hear about them!!

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