Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Tales of Book Reading: "Can you get my husband to read"?

Dear Pg.59,
Last week I read the letter that a mother had sent regarding her son's reading habits.  The advice you gave to her was really good and I wanted to know what advice would you give to a wife who is trying to get her husband more involved in reading??  Thanks for your help!


Reading Wife

Dear Reading Wife,
I have heard many wives and girlfriends mention how their significant others aren't into the "book thing."  One thing you may have to face is that reading books may not interest him.  However, here are a few suggestions (we aren't experts) that may trick him get him to read:

  • Talk to him.  What subject matter(s) does he talk about in normal conversation?  Is it Sports? Finances? Real estate? etc??  Carefully listen to him as he talks about things in casual conversation and home in on those that he specifically is passionate about.  This will give you an idea of what genre(s) he may potentially read!  Also, ask him how he feels about books and reading in general with hopes that his response will give you some insight as well.
  • Go, go, gadget e-book.  It's no secret that most men love gadgets and electronic devices!  So, once you have figured out the genre(s) he may like, get him an e-reader.  I have seen them on sale off periodically and they aren't as expensive as they once were.  Do your research on the different brands and ratings for each but you can check out the kindle here. *Note* Keep the receipt incase this doesn't work!
  • Technology.  (carry over from previous) Does he have a blackberry, Droid, or Iphone/Itouch/Ipad??  Then simply get him to download the app (for free) and he can purchase books through, B&N, Borders,etc by buying the book electronically.  It uploads right to his device and he can read it on his phone/Ipod/Ipad.  How convenient right??
  • Share with him.  Let's say you are reading something that you "think" he may find entertaining, amusing, or interesting.  Here is your opportunity to share it with him by saying, "Honey, you have got to read this"!!  And simply share a few lines or pages with him and see what happens next! (LOL)  No guarantees on the outcome but its worth a shot! 
Well, we hope those few suggestions are useful and spark an interest in your significant other towards reading.  But remember, don't push them!  If they aren't into it...then they just aren't into it.  Please leave your comments or additional suggestions below, thanks!

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