Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talk of the Town Tuesdays: "Tick Tock" by James Patterson

James Patterson (one of the best murder-mystery writers ever!) is at it again in his upcoming release in the Michael Bennett SeriesTick TockIn this murder-mystery, New York's #1 Detecive, Michael Bennett, is faced with a serial killer that has taken on traits from 3 past serial killers—Son of Sam, the Werewolf of Wisteria and the Mad Bomber.  As the city experiences complete chaos while a string of murders rips through it., Bennett solicits help from a old female colleague and you know it.... falls for her!!  Will the city be saved from the killing and mahem as Bennett falls in love??  Guess you will have to read it and find out!  Enjoy!

P.S.  This is the 4th book release in this series sooo, you may have some catching  up to do!!

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