Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Talk of the Town Tuesdays: "Straight From Your Gay Best Friend".

So, this morning I was listening to the radio and overheard an interesting conversation among the radio personalities regarding females who have best friends who are men that are gay.  The conversation was interesting enough so i continued listening.  Several women called the radio station providing their pros and cons to having a male, gay, best friend, ranging from being great with fashion tips and relationship advice to being gossipers and down right messy!! 

What sparked this conversation you may ask?  Well, the author of "Straight From Your Gay Best Friend" was being interviewed and he briefly discussed how these paired friendships have increased in today's society.  In his book, Dean provides women with advice (from their new gay best friend) surrounding love, sex, careers, relationships, family, and many more hot topics with his laid back, witty, humorous, and straight to the point personality.  He also discusses the much talked about topic, "down low men", which has been a very controversial topic in recent years.

While I haven't read this book, I get the impression that it will provide a different perspective about many things that women talk about daily.  It appears to be a light and easy read and definitely a girlfriend  book sharing experience!  Enjoy!

For more information about the man or the book visit http://www.mrterrancedean.com/.

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