Monday, December 27, 2010

Motivational Monday: Life Is A Gift: Love and Forgiveness.


As we start this week with thanks and gratitude for the wonderful time spent with family and friends over the Christmas holiday, let us remember that holidays are not the only time we should express our love and appreciation to our loved ones.  Tell them you love them often and without reason.  Set aside petty differences and replace it with love and forgiveness.  With recent news of the unexpected death of singer/songwriter Teena Marie and a close family friend during the same weekend, I am certain that each day is a gift and is not promised to us. I encourage you today (and everyday) to take the time and tell those that you love, that you love them.  Forgive those who may have done you wrong and move forward.  It is quite understandable that you (including myself) may find forgiving those who have mistreated you hard to do.  But often times the hardest things to do, are the right things to do.  Plus, isn't this what God commands us to do?

This journey called "Life" is the most wonderful, exciting, and unpredictable journey that anyone can ever imagine.  And unfortunately, it is cut short(er) at times. With that, don't miss the opportunity to say "I Love You" and/or "I Forgive You."  The feeling that you will experience by doing so may be somewhat surprising.

RIP: Teena Marie and Nancy Tisdale.  You are loved  and  missed my many.

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