Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Talk of the Town Tuesdays...

While it may seems so cliche to do a specific topic for each day of the week that begins with the same letter of that particular day, I find it very fun to do so let's get started!

(Cue Rocky Music)  In this corner, weighing in on how women should act and treat a man, Steve Harvey. (cheers and boos)  And in this corner, weighing in on how women can be themselves and still have the man, Shanae Hall and Rhonda Frost. (more cheers than boos)

Today, there is a buzz about a new book that has been released in response to Steve Harvey's book, Act Like A Lady,Think Like a Man.  Now as we all remember, this book took the nation by storm almost two years ago.  There were all types of responses, comments and attitudes regarding what Mr. Harvey suggested women do in order to understand men AND men in relationships. (For the sake of time and not feeling like it, I am not even going to go into the comments) 


So, in response to his book, Shanae Hall and Rhonda Frost, teamed up and released, Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?: How To Think Like A Lady And Still Get The Man.  Well, I guess it was a matter of time really.  While I haven't read the book just yet, I am curious to see what their suggestions are. 

Hmmm.... in the end, I hope all this direction and advice doesn't just cause more confusion and chaos that wasn't initially present.  What do you think? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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