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"For Colored Girls" A Review From A Woman of Color.


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As I sit here thinking about this movie, I realize that it was not just a movie at all.  It was not just another Friday night blockbuster (the people were there in the masses) that you and your significant other rush out to see or that you and your besties carpool together to on girls night (saw many women in groups).  What I saw was an experience. A journey.  A thought provoking and emotional whirlwind that will challenge your worldview and highlight the importance of the choices you make, the people it will affect, and the significance of owning responsibility for each decision you make.  Tyler Perry successfully brought to the screen a depiction of the strength, endurance, and courage among Black Women.  While this movie was casted by an all African American cast, I do not believe that the struggle and tragedy that appeared were limited to that nationality, but are very real to many woman across color lines. 

I have heard many reactions (mostly from women) about this movie:

"Without giving anything away - This movie is heavy... It had me go through an array of emotions. The epiphany that I received is that even when we are blinded by the truths of our own perception we must take accountability for the lies that we believe. We must own the decisions we make in our lives - good bad or indifferent." -Ja'mile Wilborn

"For Colored Girls - Phenomenal powerful. EMOTIONAL * Standing hand clap to all the actors *Tyler Perry be proud of your work. Those that criticize this piece of work have no clue of "Colored Girls ." -Marika Stewart

"For Colored Girls deserves more than the 5 stars. Excellent movie! I'm honored to have shared this experience with my friends." -Colleen LeDay

As you can see, women are giving this movie positive reviews.  However, many "black" men feel that this movie is just another instrument that plays the melodies that black men are no good, low down, and dirty.  Truthfully, I did not view the movie in this perspective at all.  I received this movie as the testament of a woman's strength, the wisdom to accept the decisions that she has made, and the courage to move forward in a new and empowering direction.  To add, there are many wonderful black men plaguing the world today.  They are our husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, etc. and they deserve our gratitude and respect. I only hope that their (those black men I just described) numbers increase and spread like an epidemic to those that are not included in that category.  But I will say this...... black MEN, if you feel that you bear the fruits of that of a good man, can you PLEASE tell your other (rotten fruit) counterparts to stop giving the "world" not just black women, the ammunition that are loaded in the gun in which shots are being fired?  I digress..
(another topic, different post)

In my opinion, Tyler Perry has successfully demonstrated that he can make us laugh and have a great time with the antics of Madea and Mr. Brown and others and now has made it emotionally obvious that his talent is not confined to the box of comedy and fun, but is encompasses a deeper, meaningful, view altering experience.

"I love it when a movie creates a paradigm shift in the lives of many.... Thank you Tyler Perry for taking the stage play For Colored Girls Who have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf into a movie..... It truly was an experience!" -Tasha Dillard (me)

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