Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pg.59 Interviews Demetris Taylor (Pt. 2)

Awakenings–Epiphanies Along A Spiritual Journey
By: Demetris Taylor writing as BIG MEACH

Tell us about you:
Pg.59:  What inspired you to become an author?
Big Meach:
As I was writing my first blog, my spirit AWAKENED and told me this would be a book and I was not willing to accept that decision, but after I calmed myself and listened to what my spirit had to say, I welcomed the opportunity to be a vessel in this fashion.  I’ve written a stage play, “No Time for the Pain”, and never dreamed I’d be an author of a book.

Pg.59:  Where do you draw your inspiration to write?  (Certain place, environment, people??)
Big Meach:  LOL, believe it or not, THE SHOWER!!!  I am a Pisces under the Astrological Equations, and I do know that I LOVE WATER!!  When I shower, I meditate and that’s when I receive most of my epiphanies.  Other epiphanies may come from conversations I’ve had with people and after a thought has been said, I receive a word of encouragement and inspiration that will send me to a place of thought and meditation.

Pg.59:  Did you have moments of writers block? If so, how do you handle it?
Big Meach: Writing is a STRONG discipline and whenever I have moments of “writer’s block” which in my experience has been equated to LAZINESS, I have to just get up from the project and do something else in order to get a fresh revelation and newness for the work.

Pg.59: What advice do you have for upcoming writers, authors, editors?  (Something you wish someone would have told you.)
Big Meach: STOP editing and writing at the same time!  Most times I found myself “too smart” for my own good and in wanting a PERFECT work, I was editing as I was writing which caused me to lose the message and shift my direction at times.  JUST WRITE!!  That’s why the PROOFREADING PROCESS exists!  It’s during THAT process that you clean up the mistakes, shape and structure the work into the masterpiece it is.

Pg.59: What one thing would you like people to know about you?
Big Meach: I am no longer taking on the title as CHRISTIAN in the traditional sense of the word, nor am I “New Age”……I am a BELIEVER in the teachings of THE CHRIST and I am a BELIEVER that THE INFINITE CREATOR cannot and WILL NOT create that which HE/SHE/IT is NOT, so if it exists, then IT IS ALSO A REFLECTION, a MIRROR IMAGE of the CREATOR!

Pg.59: How can people follow your work and get in contact with you?
Big Meach: Currently, people can find the book information at and they can email me at

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  1. Thank you for the advice! I, too, have found myself over the last couple of days editing and writing at the same time. And yes, it does seem to cause a conflict! Great interview! Thanks for sharing.


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